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  • The 10th Annual S.N.O.W. Night


    Mount Carmel Clinic - S.N.O.W. Night 2017 11.02.2016 (corel x8).

    One night a year the community comes together to provide Winnipeg’s most marginalized women with a night of safety, comfort, and pampering.  Most of us take for granted our ability to walk into a hair salon and get our hair cut; or the opportunity to have a fun night out, sharing a laugh with our friends; or even the possibility of just hanging out in pajamas at home, relaxing, and watching a movie. For many marginalized women working in the sex trade, this is not their reality. What many of us think of as our ‘regular life’ feels like an all-inclusive, fantasy vacation for women working on the street to survive.

    On February 16 and 17, 2017 the 10th Annual S.N.O.W. Night will once again provide street involved women with a night free from violence, harm, hunger, and exploitation. S.N.O.W. Night 2017 offers a safe place to sleep, food, resources, games, crafts, make-up, manicures, hairstyling, photos, movies, gift bags, and door prizes in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.

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  • 90th Anniversary wishes from The Prime Minister




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Wish List

We are very grateful for donations of everyday items that can help the women in need at Sage House.

  • Bus Tickets for Appointments
  • Wool for Knitters
  • Movies
  • Nail Polish
  • Make Up

See our full wish list for more everyday items that make every day better at Sage House